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Trapeze offers unbeatable know-how in both hardware and software for the entire field of fare management. We develop, produce, and sell innovative solutions for purchasing tickets at home, en route, in the vehicles, or at stops. Our products are adapted to fit customer’s needs.

Stationary Ticket Vending Machines

Modern stationary ticket vending machines and info-terminals

The innovative stationary ticket vending machine with its unique design fulfils all the current and future requirements of international companies operating in the field of public passenger transport. The exchangeable front of hardened grey glass and the integrated Guide Lines are the distinguishing characteristics of this design.

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Mobile Ticket Vending Machines

The compact mobile ticket vending machine reflects the current and future requirements of international companies operating in the field of public urban passenger transport.

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Ticket Validator

Robust ticket validator for mobile applications

The ticket validator is designed and licensed for use in rail and road vehicles within the public transport sector. It is extremely robust and has a long life span. Due to new technology, it needs extremely low maintenance, resistant to wear and tear, and easy to keep clean. The Trapeze validators offer a high level of functionality combined with a sleek design.

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Ticket Printer and Cash Desk

Innovative on-board combined computer/ticket printer

The innovative on-board computer and ticket printer is distinguished by its modern styling, mimicking the look of a smartphone. The two large-area terminal units for the driver and passengers are each provided with a continuous, easy-to-clean glass front. A sturdy rotating mechanism between the driver display and the customer unit allows customised integration in a wide variety of vehicle types. This results in optimised ergonomics for drivers and passengers. These properties make the ticontrol.500 also the ideal choice for stationary use in pre-sales.

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Ticketing Back Ground system

Trapeze’s AFC system designed for public transportation and micro-payment operations is a stored value-based contactless smart card application which can be augmented with our mobile ticketing application. Our AFC system is a field proven system that is in use in other areas throughout the world.

Entry Control System

Mobile/stationary boarding checking device

The innovative master/slave boarding checking device is distinguished by its modern styling, mimicking the look of a smartphone. The large-area user terminal for passengers has a continuous and easy-to-clean glass front.

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Be-in / be-out

Board and ride without bothering about fares and tickets

With ComfoAccess®, Trapeze is launching a new ticketing system. This trend-setting system is based on presence detection technology. After the EasyR!de ticketing system in Switzerland and ALLFA-Ticket for the German city of Dresden, we are presenting a system named ComfoAccess®. Passengers carrying a ComfoAccess® card with them are automatically registered in the vehicles they board without any manual interactions. This eliminates the need for buying a ticket or knowing the fare. The right to use the relevant public transport service is checked by the public transport authority through the ISO14443 interface of the ComfoAccess® card. The data privacy requirements arising from the above implementations are also taken into account.

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