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Operations Management of Public Transport

Optimised crew and vehicle allocation and management

Trapeze System for operations management is an integrated system for allocating and managing crew and vehicles. It is one of the most powerful systems on the market and it helps to lower costs through better resource management and allocation
The operations management solution supports duty and roster planning, staff and vehicle management, employee communication, and automated wage calculation. Further, it ensures effective use of personnel and vehicles and provides a constant, detailed view of the status of each working day.

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Trapeze Operations Management System | Trapeze Optimisation | Bremer Strassenbahn (case study) | BeNEX (case study) | Keolis Norge (case study)


Long and medium term planning

Long-term and medium-term duty planning can be simplified by using roster templates. Roster templates can be generated, edited and adjusted individually to match the changing needs of your operation. Absence planning  and capasity planning are strong features for registration of holidays, preferred days of, maternity leave, etc., and provides good overview of the capasity balance. This helps the daily team to get overview of available and substitute resources. As goes for all duty allocations, absence entries is automatically checked against legal rules and internal agreements, and the planner is alerted of any potential conflicts.

To learn more, download:
Trapeze Operations Management System | Trapeze Optimisation | Bremer Strassenbahn (case study) | BeNEX (case study) | Keolis Norge (case study)

Day-to-day management

For day-to-day staff management, a clear overview and good software support is absolutely essential. Incorrect duty and vehicle assignments can create unnecessarily high costs for the organisation. Trapeze System allows planned and unplanned changes to activities to be dealt with simply. Replacement staff and vehicle can be contacted and assigned either automatically or manually. The system updates accounts automatically, and for duties it ensures that all labour agreements and working practice rules are respected.
Wage calculation can be tricky because so many rules and regulations has to be taken into account, but with Trapeze System all rules and regulations are entered into the system and the system ensures that the correct wage basis is generated.

To learn more, download:
Trapeze Operations Management System | Trapeze Optimisation | Bremer Strassenbahn (case study) | BeNEX (case study) | Keolis Norge (case study)

Employee communication

Trapeze offers web, text messaging and app solutions for easy and efficient communication and data exchange with the employees. Depending on your requirements you can chose the feature that works best for your organisation.Our apps make communication with your drivers easier, give them fast access to information and documents, and make it much easier to deal with day-today tasks and registrations.

With our solutions you can give your employees access to sign in and sign off remotely, and if using our apps, the employees can register extra hours directly in the app if the extend the planned work hour has to be extended due to incidents. The solutions give a splendid overview of work hours, work content, holidays etc.

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Trapeze Crew App+ | Trapeze Employee Communication | Trapeze Operations Management System

Business info

The Trapeze business analysis tool is a reporting, monitoring and analysis solution designed to enable more predictable business performance by putting actionable information into the hands of key decisions makers. Capable of integrating both Trapeze and non-Trapeze data, our business analysis offering is designed to empower every user to easily gain access to, interact with, and leverage operational and financial information for more timely and effective business decisions.
Our BI solution provides Key Performance Indicators giving, for example a monthly overview of status of operational performance in the company at different levels, comparison of performance of the individual units in the organisation and development in the performance of the individual units in the organisation.

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Trapeze Business Info

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