Volaris Group Expands Footprint in People Transportation Vertical with Acquisition of Systemtechnik GmbH

TORONTO, ON - Volaris Group today announced that it has acquired Systemtechnik GmbH (“Systemtechnik”), a provider of fare management and ticketing solutions.

With over 20 years of experience in delivering high-value, comprehensive solutions to the public and private transport industry, Systemtechnik’s solutions help to streamline and simplify ticket purchase, validation and management. The company’s solutions are in operation in more than 200 transport companies across Germany, including several private rail operators. Every day over 150,000 transactions are processed using Systemtechnik’s solutions.

“There is a lot of great innovation happening in the fare management and ticketing space, particularly in the e-ticketing market,” said Helmut Jaskolka, Managing Director of Systemtechnik. “Being part of Volaris Group means we can further our investments in R&D to enhance our solution offering in meaningful ways, helping to continuously improve the experience for our customers and their passengers. We are pleased to be part of the Volaris team and are excited for what the future holds.”

Systemtechnik joins Trapeze Group, TripSpark, SimpliTransport and PLANit in the Volaris People Transportation vertical.

Systemtechnik is headquartered in Sömmerda, Germany. The company continues to be led by the leadership team with oversight from Volaris.


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