Luxembourg Awards Trapeze New Orders

Neuhausen am Rheinfall, 28 April 2017 – Additional orders are further strengthening Trapeze Group’s commitment in Luxembourg. Following the recent system migration order placed by Trapeze’s long-time customer Ville de Luxembourg (Service des autobus – AVL), the tramway operator Luxtram has now also opted for a Trapeze operations control system.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with its capital of the same name at its centre covers an area of 2,586 square kilometres and is populated by some 600,000 inhabitants. In the capital, the urban bus authority Autobus de la Ville de Luxembourg (AVL) operates some 200 buses on 31 regular bus routes, four night bus routes, two special-purpose routes and the school bus transport routes. The company with its roughly 550 employees moves some 40 million passengers every year quickly and safely to their destinations. In order to improve public transport services in the capital, an additional modern tramway system is now being planned. Luxtram AG has been assigned the task of designing, constructing and operating this tramway network. In the future, it is to contribute to the development of sustainable mobility (mobilité durable – MoDu) in Luxembourg.


AVL’s order for migration awarded to Trapeze

AVL has relied since 2006 on a Trapeze operations control system, on tried-and-trusted Trapeze on-board computers including driver terminals and on displays at stops. In addition to offering on-time services, consistent passenger information is another important aim of AVL.

In order to make the operations control system fit for meeting future challenges, Trapeze was entrusted with the migration of its radio communications system. The existing TETRA radio communications system is to be replaced by Public Mobile Radio for transmitting data and voice. In preparation for the migration, all system components inside the vehicles as well as the displays at stops are to be retrofitted to the standards of the new technology in the coming months.


New operations control system and new on-board computers for Luxtram

Luxtram has decided to procure a Trapeze operations control system and intends to integrate it with the existing operations control system of AVL. Trapeze’s offer to Luxtram comprises an operations control system plus the system components required for vehicles and displays at stops.

Luxtram awarded the contract to Trapeze at the end of February 2017. The exact specifications of the functions are currently being defined in the context of the performance specifications phase. But at the same time, work in the areas of infrastructure and vehicles is also already in progress.


Multilingual situation as a challenge

In the Luxtram project, the new multilingual feature of Trapeze is to be applied, since the AVL control workstations are operated in German and those of Luxtram in French. Both authorities use the same operations control infrastructure in the background. Trapeze is capable of satisfying this requirement thanks to the experience it has gathered in other multilingual projects in the Near East and in Singapore.


Tight project schedule

Some view autonomous vehicles as a threat to public transport. While this development undoubtedly has the potential to disrupt the industry – and especially slow moving organisations – there is of course also huge potential for savings in this area.

The power of autonomous vehicles weave into a better transport model. Could we work together to deliver affordable freedom of mobility for all in society, while simultaneously reducing pollution and congestion; and ensuring our cities have more green spaces for our children to play in and areas for recreation.

In short, autonomous vehicles are the key not only to a better transport, but even to a better life! The journey is certainly going to this direction. And Trapeze is already on board, completely committed to the company slogan 'Here for the Journey'!


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