Systems Integration Architect

Systems Integration Architect

Our solutions and systems are evolving, and we are looking to strengthen our team in Malmö with senior skills in systems integration and system development. If you like building bridges between systems and if you enjoy working in an international environment, with a high degree of autonomy, we may very well be an excellent match.

As Systems Integration Architect at Malmator you will be given the responsibility of developing and integrating our solutions for handling Geography and Scheduling. These solutions are not only applied in Malmator but also embedded in the products of our sister companies Trapeze Group Europe A/S and PLANit. Malmator was acquired 4 years ago by Trapeze.

The main job tasks are:

  • Develop, maintain and govern our Geography and Scheduling Modules, and their integration to our other systems.
  • Develop and maintain integrations between our other applications, as part of our R&D team.

Who are you?

You probably see yourself as a senior developer with a minimum of 3-5 years of experience within C++ and C# on the Windows platform. You definitely have documented experience with and interest in High Performance Backend development, algorithms and optimization in big datasets.

Since you will be taking over an existing project/code base it is important that you have good analytical skills and the capability to work your way into - and understanding - existing code.

As person, you are used to working in teams as well as on your own, and you know how to structure your own work as well as tasks for others. We work across nationalities, geographies and Technologies so flexibility and an open mindset is very important, along with a good level of Swedish and English

Your educational background is probably a university education within the computer science, mathematics or engineering field, or equivalent practical experience.

Who are we?

We are a core-team of nine people, located in the middle of Malmö, and we handle all aspects of the client relation. Our team is very diverse; some have been with Malmator since the early days, others are part of the new generations that bring our systems into the future.

To leverage our own competencies, we collaborate with our sister Companies Trapeze Group Europe in Denmark and PLANit in Gothenburg as well as our hosting partners and our overseas development teams.

If you are interested, please send your application right away to Should you have any queries, please contact: Product Owner & Operations Director Anders Werholt, phone: +46 70 300 44 73

Company Background

Malmator, founded in 1987, is a Swedish computer software company specialized in delivering solutions for the public transport sector.

We aim to develop software which makes it easier for public transport authorities to plan and implement their services.

Our main product is called Sam3001. Sam3001 is a planning tool for para-transit services for persons with mobility impairments who cannot get around by ordinary bus or train, demand-responsive transport for persons living in sparsely populated areas, connecting services to ordinary bus or train lines, and much more.

Both scheduled services, which run according to a fixed timetable and route, or transport-on-demand with flexible routing, are possible with Sam3001. Different types of vehicles can be scheduled, from small taxicabs to large buses and even trains.

Sam3001 includes functions for client registration and booking of trips. It also incorporates scheduling, dispatching and monitoring of the transport services. A separate module is available which handles applications and documentation regarding the individual traveler.

Sam3001 has been on the market since 1982. We have a high market share in Sweden and our applications currently handle more than 9 million bookings each year.